Media Training

Whether you’re proactively seeking media publicity, or reactively responding to a media interview request, you must articulate in a confident and coherent way

Having worked in print and broadcast media as a journalist and editor for many years, I will give you the inside edge on what journalists want to get out of the interview. Your agenda may be very different to what they are seeking. I will equip you with the skills to minimise nerves and being caught off-guard, navigate unexpected questions with finesse, and confidently convey your message.

My media training and consulting services are tailored to suit the areas you need the most help with, and may include:

Media Relations

Understanding the journalist's perspective, fostering positive relationships, and navigating media interactions.

Media Landscape

Understanding different media platforms, their audiences, and tailoring communication accordingly.

Message Development

Crafting and refining key messages to ensure clarity and consistency in communication.

Interview Techniques

Learning interview strategies, including how to handle difficult questions, bridging to key points, and staying on message.

Body Language and Delivery

Training on non-verbal cues, tone, and delivery style for effective communication during interviews.

Preparation Techniques

Developing a structured approach to prepare for interviews, including research and message reinforcement.

Mock Interviews

Practical exercises involving simulated interviews to practice and refine communication skills.

Handling Difficult Situations

Dealing with aggressive or persistent questioning, and techniques to maintain composure.

Crisis Communication

Strategies for handling sensitive or crisis situations, including how to respond appropriately while managing the narrative.

Feedback and Improvement

Receiving constructive feedback on performance and refining communication skills based on insights gained from training sessions.

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