Media Consulting

“Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing about”

Benjamin Franklin

Publicity can have a major effect on the public perception, reputation and ultimate success, or demise, of a business

As a journalist, editor and media consultant, I have many years of experience in managing public relations activities, from both sides of the table.

With the diversity and number of media channels expanding rapidly in the past decade, with more to come in the future, it is more important than ever to engage an experienced media consultant to assist with planning and managing media strategy, messaging, and campaigns, rather than trying to manage it yourself. Unfortunately, we have all seen what can happen when a company mishandles a crisis situation or becomes a target of misinformation.

My media consulting experience and services include:

Brand Visibility

Development of PR strategies and media campaigns to raise brand awareness, market penetration and sales.

Promotions and Events

Idea creation, planning and management of activities including international promotions, lecture tours, awards and special events.

Crisis Management

Managing crises and repairing damaged reputations using strategic communications across multiple media platforms.

The benefits to you of using a professional media consultant include:

Visibility and Recognition

Consistent brand messaging across all media channels increases brand recognition and trust.

Strategic Planning and Adaptability

Strategic planning that researches market trends and audience behaviour ensures messaging is adapted in real-time to optimise the impact of campaigns.

Leveraging Opportunities

Identifying opportunities and acting swiftly to leverage media coverage from relevant current events.

Objective Perspective

An external consultant brings fresh perspective and expertise, offering an objective view that might be overlooked by an in-house team, leading to an innovative approach and rewarding results.

I also provide a Media Training service to ensure you are well prepared for your next interview.

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