Creative Writing

“Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else ever thought”

Albert Einstein

Being creative comes naturally to me. It can happen anywhere at any time. In fact, the idea to write children’s books came many years ago while sitting in a restaurant and noticing a bee land on a flower and watching it extract pollen. From there, I developed a series of children’s books about the most important insects humans need to survive.

Whether I am writing books, articles, speeches, website copy, white papers or anything that the client needs, I thoroughly enjoy being creative and managing projects that combine innovation and precision.

Through a variety of life experiences I have been able to think quickly on the spot, come up with original ideas and constantly keep the business angle in mind throughout the project.

Creative concepts

Being a sports lover, I approached the Sydney Swans and AFL with creative ideas for publications to mark significant anniversaries. My concepts were welcomed, and I was thrilled to be involved in every aspect of the publications, including writing copy, editing, design, finished product, marketing and distribution to a variety of networks.

I have also employed this creative concept and execution approach successfully with other sporting authorities, companies and government departments.

creative concepts
creative business writing

Creative business writing

Business communications need to be planned and executed with a creative approach so that readers quickly grasp the key messages, understand the facts and gain value from your pieces.

I love to create:

  • Advertising copy that inspires
  • Articles that captivate all the way through
  • Business reports that are read from cover to cover
  • Press releases that grab media attention
  • Speeches which are heard with enthusiasm.

Creative fiction writing

I have been fascinated with storytelling since I first learned to read and write. I write stories to deliver enjoyment and inspiration, to uncover and share truths, to push myself, to earn a living, and because I simply love to write.

From originally started out in journalism, I have extended into corporate writing and books. I have now written seven books, which you can find at White Tiger Media.

fiction books

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