Digital Media

Communicate your stories and messages in captivating ways that engage your audiences

Harnessing the power of video, digital TV and podcasting is extremely effective when done with creative and professional execution.

I have been involved in bringing a range of multi-media projects to life, working closely with a team of highly skilled professionals. My strengths lie with developing unique concepts, putting together the right teams, creating content, conducting interviews, and project managing from start to finish.

Digital TV - strategies and examples

Creating your own Digital TV show is an excellent way to build your authority and brand positioning, reach new audiences and provide a unique differentiating edge.

  1. I created the series “Heroes of Sport and Business” for evoTV which targeted eight former athletes who went on to build successful business careers when they retired from full time sport.
  2. Also for evoTV, I was involved in interviewing some of Australia’s most successful CEOs and worked closely with the editing team on shoots, video editing and production for a daily news bulletin.
  3. Another online TV project was an in-depth commercial property real estate show where I interviewed leading developers, CEOs, key commercial agents and influential figures in the Australian commercial property sector.

We can help with creating unique concepts, scripts, interviews, guests, filming, and production.

digital broadcasting

We can help you with concepts, scripts, interviews, filming, and production.

Video strategies

Using video in your marketing can boost website traffic and directly increase sales, as 96% of people turn to videos to learn more about a product or service or company.

Video can be used very effectively to

  • Bring personality and life to a static website
  • Engage with enquirers or investors
  • Onboard and train new clients
  • Present your latest achievements
  • Promote a forthcoming event
  • Send a special message to staff.


Listening to podcasts has become the favourite way for many people to consume information whilst doing chores, commuting and working out.  Business podcasts are highly popular, as are comedy, news, society, true crime, sports, arts and education topics.

Regular podcasting (weekly or fortnightly) is a powerful way to

  • Build your authority as an expert
  • Impart your knowledge
  • Share industry, company and customer news
  • Engage in robust or educational discussions with others
  • Attract new customers.

There is no limit to the benefits of using podcasting to reach new audiences, and to communicate with your clients and prospects.  Some business also use podcasting to communicate internally with large or international teams.


We can help with concepts, content, interviews, production and distribution.

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