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My aim is to put down on paper what I see and what I feel in the best and simplest way.”

Ernest Hemingway

As a writer, you get the privilege of getting inside the mind and heart of an individual and/or business. You see hidden secrets, deep desires and a smattering of passion, history and fortitude every time someone lets you into their life.

In order to fully explore the individual and business nuances, you need to be open to communication, to listen actively and to let the story in, putting aside personal biases and preconceived ideas.

This involves letting your own personal history fall to one side but also embracing what you have learned along the way. I have been fortunate to have lived in Australia, England and Japan, travelled extensively, spent half of my life in the education system, and to somehow survive 15 operations. All this adds up to many different life experiences, which allows me to tell your story the best way I know how – from my heart and mind.

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A fortunate life

Throughout my professional and freelance life, I have been very fortunate to encounter fascinating individuals, stoic businesses, rollercoaster market conditions and a never-ending list of stories.

Whether it was writing a variety of features for The Australian newspaper across five different sections, encapsulating small business stories for The Sydney Morning Herald/The Age or personal finance for the Australian Financial Review, there has been a plethora of enrichment from individuals and businesses alike.

I have also ventured into the world of book publishing through starting my own company, White Tiger Media, and that has offered a fascinating insight into the joy of children and adult book publishing.

Ultimately, the joy of journalism and writing in general has always come down to one aspect – sharing a story with the world that needs to be told. It does not matter who the individual is, what position they hold or what kind of business they might own or manage, it is engaging with another human being, authentically connecting with them and allowing the tale to naturally unfold, which has always given the greatest pleasure.

Getting the business world to speak simply and effectively

It is very easy to send out convoluted messages or produce websites that do not actually say anything. Communicating with your intended audience through the written word should use language that is simple, pragmatic and easy to understand.

Having held senior positions in the corporate world – publisher, editor-in-chief, business manager and chief of staff amongst others – as well as managing budgets in excess of $10 million, I am very familiar with what is required to undertake effective messaging both from an internal and external perspective.

Whether I am preparing a speech for a minister or CEO; a white paper on a controversial subject, a thought leadership piece on an emerging trend or a comprehensive strategic communications plan that requires practical implementation tactics, I dedicate my time, energy and skillset to ensuring that the intended audience understands the messaging that you want them to connect with.

I have extensive experience with stakeholder engagement, quantitative and qualitative research, as well as meeting tight deadlines. I have the knowledge, experience and aptitude to lead projects and deliver on time.

Some of the interesting projects I have worked on include:

Crisis communications management for the leading bank in the Pacific Islands

PR and management for international LafargeHolcim Foundation event on sustainable construction held across four states in Australia

Compiled the Top 50 most influential business people feature for The Australian

Strategic communications for icare Insurance, NSW Government

Partnerships, PR and marketing campaigns that helped LJ Hooker gain record breaking sales and several major awards

Produced anniversary publications for several major sporting authorities

Strategic communications and business case writing for the Department of Defence

PR, crisis management, strategic documents and articles for COPC Inc in Australia and Asia

Production of several digital TV news and special features

Long-running PR campaigns, community stakeholder engagement and government liaison for LafargeHolcim

Investigations into individuals and companies implicated in fraud and financial crimes across Asia-Pacific up to hundreds of millions of dollars

Managed publishing of quarterly magazine for Charted Accountants ANZ

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